Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Hello from Regina this time ! Everything is still going pretty well, we visited the Assiniboine and Forks Parks in Winnipeg yesterday and we had a lot of fun ! I prefer Regina though because there are more, you know, trees around here so you can breathe ! We'll be staying in Regina tomorrow as well, to visit some museums, and then we'll be heading towards Drumheller, Alberta. I started sending postcards today - actually, I sent exactly one, to my parents.
The hostels are okay, Winnipeg's wasn't exactly nice, but Regina's is big, and we feel much more comfortable here.
I'll stop now, more news might come some other day !

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Hello everybody from Thunder Bay !

I have exactly 20 minutes to update 3 blogs and write an e-mail... Tweety and I are in a hostel in, as said above, Thunder Bay and we have to pay 1$ for a 20 minute internet session.

Everything's going good so far, except for this damn english keyboard that's making me crazy and I haven't used it for 5 minutes yet ! (Or maybe I have)

So yeah, I'm missing you all, more news some other day !