Saturday, January 19, 2002

Okay, okay, okay, là, j'en peux plus du suspense !
Qui es-tu, mystérieux lecteur inconnu ???
Tu as une connexion haute vitesse et tu es connecté(e) avec Vidéotron. Et tu es venu(e) ici aujourd'hui vers 4:30 hres et il y a deux jours entre 1hre et 2 hres (j'ai pas retenu l'heure exacte, désolée)
STP ! Dis-moi qui tu es !
I have tons of ideas as to what I should make this thing look like.
I just don't know how to make them all stand in one single page !!!!
Bon, ça y est !
Mylène est plus avec moi en français !
Et tout le monde se rappelle «l'ami» que je m'étais fait en français à la session passée et comment je l'aurais pris les deux pieds, fait tourner 3-4 tours au-dessus de ma tête avant de le lâcher assez loin pour qu'il n'ait pas assez d'argent pour revenir ?
Ben ça augure pas très bien.
Mais je vais arrêter avant d'être complètement de mauvaise humeur.

Friday, January 18, 2002

*breathes in*
*breathes out*
Wow. I had time to actually do that. How amazing.
Everything just went so wrong today !!!
Driving to school this morning for musical rehearsal. There's no way of heating the damn car. No way. After almost an hour of driving, there was still smoke coming out of my mouth when I sang along with the radio.
And the engine seemed to become quite hot, so I had put the ventilation at its maximum level. Cold.
Arrive at school. Rehearse. Rehearsal is over one hour earlier, so instead of having to wait an hour for my appointment with I'm-in-charge-of-your-schedule person, I have to wait two hours. Had lunch. Spent a whole damn hour at the library reading a play. I was the only one in the library, damn it !!!!
Go to appointment.
"Oh, I'm sorry, your name isn't on the list..."
Computer research.
"Oh, your appointment isn't with the right person... maybe you could come tomorrow ?"
For God's sake, it takes almost an hour for me to drive up here, and you want me to come tomorrow ?
"Oh, wait, there was an appointment canceled... in a hour from now. Wanna take it ?"
All right. I'll waste another hour of my life.
Come an hour later. Wait. Listen to other people's conversations. Get to talk with some guy from the musical for a minute or two.
Appointment was at 3:15.
Go into office at 4:00.
Cancel two classes.
Get out of office at 4:15.
Tries to get new schedule from tired-of-working people. Tired-of-working people can't get the damn printer to print.
4:25, schedule is finally printed.
4:33, Quartz is back at the car.
Wipes snow away, fills windshield washer thingy.
4:40, Quartz leaves her parking spot.
Heat thingy still not providing hot air.
Engine still too hot.
5:40, Quartz is home, 5 hours and 40 minutes after rehearsal is over.
No, it's not going very well, and although I really wanna type it all out right now, I can't, because I don't have time !!!!

Someone kill me !!!

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Yeah. I'm bored now. Downloading the update for my anti-virus, only about 6 minutes to go, but it's long when you don't know what to do while you wait.
So I'm bored and I'm coming on here to bore other people. That's only fair, right ? ;)
I got a few phone calls to make, I feel like I've spent the last few days either driving or calling people.
Wow, only 3 minutes left !
No, don't tell me it took me 3 minutes to type the last lines ! It's not possible !
7% left.
Am I really gonna publish that ?
Oh, hell, why not ?
I'm boring when I'm bored. Do you mind ?
And one minute...
Done !
It took 17 minutes. They said it was gonna take 24.
I think I got screwed somewhere...
Okay, je pense que j'ai trouvé qui est mon mystérieux lecteur inconnu... Anne-Marie ?
C'est sensé être quelqu'un qui a une connexion modem câble avec videotron... En plus j'ai reçu un mail d'elle quelques minutes avant que le lecteur inconnu vienne visiter mon blog... En tk, si c'est toi, Anne-Marie, laisse-moi une note pour que je le sache !
D'ailleurs parlant d'Anne-Marie, je tiens à lui faire des félicitations publiques pour sa traduction de You're still you. D'ici quelques années, moi, je vous dis qu'elle est rendue bilingue !!!
Et tant qu'on en est aux hommages publiques, je dois remercier publiquement Mylène de m'avoir accompagnée aux frères maristes hier. Bon, est-ce que je t'en dois encore une ? Probablement, mais bon.
Finally got my appointment with Ms. counselor/scheduler/class-organizer person reaaaally need to come up with a translation for that word at school. I can't believe it took me about 20 minutes to talk to someone ! If you wanna get written information about the services provided, press 1. If you wanna get information about the inscriptions for next semester, press 2... to keep your priority and talk to someone, press 9... Haha, 9 it is !
Ring, ring... All our employees are right now playing Myst III on their computer, assuming someone else will take your damn call. Once they're done with their game, it'll be lunch time so you'll have to wait a little longer. *classical music*
"Scholar organization, please hold."
There's not even music anymore.
But at least I got my appointment on Friday after rehearsal, so I won't have to go all the way to school only for a 15 minute appointment.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Today's a free day. Yay :) Although I have quite a lot of stuff to do, but officially, it's a free day.
And so is tomorrow. Yay #2 :)
Actually, we were supposed to rehearse tomorrow as well, but they decided to work only with those who got a role. Which I didn't. And there is the good part of it.
Next rehearsal for me will be on Friday, and I hope to get my appointment with the counselor-thingy/schedule-builder/not-minding-their-own-business person at school in the afternoon. To make something out of the crappy schedule they gave me yesterday. No, I'm still not over it. I don't think I ever will be it's so shitty ! And try to find out what that 999-999-00 class is (turn it upside down. Encouraging, isn't it ?)
And then I'm working on Saturday. And there's rehearsal on Sunday (although the dance teacher won't be there, which means that 1) there'll be no dancing and 2) we'll have a free hour. I am so gonna sleep.
And on Monday it's another rehearsal, and on Tuesday school starts again.
Another semester ?
I hate school.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

I am begging anyone who knows to tell me : am I reaaaaaally supposed to republish my archives everytime I publish something ?!?!?!
Haha, guess who's a star ?
Kidding, of course. But I did get exactly two lines to sing solo for the musical, and I'm really glad. Not that I don't like singing with everyone, but, hey... Now at least l feel like I'm part of it for something.

Other than that, I am very mad at my ISP because I've been trying to get online for over an hour and it only worked a few minutes ago. Just when I'm starting to become tired and I need to just go to my room and watch TV until I fall asleep. Is anything good on on Tuesdays ?

Ah, et je suis aussi allée chercher mon horaire pour la prochaine session au cégep ! Et je vous jure que cé une joke !!! J'arrive pas à croire à quel point il est h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e !!! Ça a aucun sens, je vous jure ! Non mais ils m'ont donné de la plongée comme cours d'édu ! Il en est comme tellement pas question !!!! En plus le cours serait le mardi matin, 8 heures ! Oubliez-moi, j'annule ça au plus crisse !!! Ensuite j'ai nutrition comme cours complémentaire, ce qui ne serait pas si pire que ça si ce n'était pas le seul cours que j'ai de tout mon jeudi ! Pensez-vous que je vais me taper un énorme trajet pour 3 hres de cours ? Alors j'annule ça aussi ! Oui, au fait, je crois qu'on peut mettre ça officiel que je me rajoute une session :)
Et sur mon horaire il est écrit que je ne suis pas inscrite au cours 999-999-00 et de prendre un rendez-vous avec mon API pour voir à ça. Cé quoi ce foutu cours-là ? Je comprends vraiment pas !
Alors voilà, point de vue scolaire, c'était assez dégueulasse comme jour !

Vous savez quoi ? Aujourd'hui je me suis fait dire que je ressemblais à Abeille Gélinas et à Angelina Jolie.
Je suis vraiment troublée. En grande partie parce que c'est pas la première fois que je me fais dire ça et que je commence à me poser des questions.

You know, I just realized how much French I've been writing, my English readers must be mad at me. I'm sorry ? I'll write in English later, I promise.
I really have more readers than I thought I did, according to my counter. The same person even came here twice today, I don't know who it is, but it's one of my real life friends, who's got a cable connection. Who are you ? And why isn't anybody signing the guestbook ? ;)

Monday, January 14, 2002

Just publishing to update the song lyrics to the left :o)
Aaaaaaaaaah je suis rackée, bâtard ! C'est la fin du monde pour s'asseoir et même marcher !
Pis j'ai mal dans le cou, je sais pas ce que j'ai fait, mais c'était pas une bonne idée !

Au fait je me suis rendue compte que ya pas mal plus de personnes que je pensais qui me lisent ! Et hourrah pour les compteurs ! Alors je tiens à vous dire que je vous trouve pas mal cheaps de pas signer mon foutu guestbook ! Mais bon, c'est pas grave, y paraîtrait que je vous aime pareil... Whatever.

À part de ça, j'ai mal au coeur. J'ai appris qu'on a une pratique pour la comédie musicale dimanche prochain alors il a fallu que je passe par la job pour avertir que je ne pourrais pas travailler, mais les boss étaient pas là alors je me sens assez poche d'avoir annoncé ça avec une note. Ah, et les rôles ont été distribués aujourd'hui. C'est super chien parce qu'il y a juste un gars qui n'a pas eu de rôle. Ben, en fait il y en a deux, mais le deuxième est pratiquement jamais aux répétitions, alors il n'a jamais été supposé avoir un rôle. Quoique le premier, rien ne me dit qu'il a passé une audition pour un rôle, alors peut-être que c'est pas chien du tout, en fin de compte.

J'ai vraiment mal au coeur.

Au fait, Mylène, si tu lis ça, est-ce que ça t'intéresse d'aller faire un tour aux frères mercredi après-midi ? J'ai un rendez-vous chez la coiffeuse le matin, mais après le diner ça serait cool. J'ai rêvé à ça l'autre nuit et c'était assez traumatisant comme rêve, mais je te conterai ça un autre jour.

Sunday, January 13, 2002

OD's working again. Yay. I'd have stuff to write in it, but it's too complicated. I don't have the courage to work on a writing right now. I just want to post something small, only a few sentences, but I won't. 'Cuz that's not what I'm trying to make out of my diary.
I should go to bed soon anyway 'cuz I'm getting up early tomorrow morning.
But I feel like throwing up. That's all I'm gonna say here.
I almost took it personnal when I saw that both OD and Blogger weren't working when I got online. J'étais sur le point d'écrire un nouveau big giga mail mais heureusement Blogger s'est remis à fonctionner, et me voilà ! :)
And I'm still almost taking it personnal because then my computer decided to reboot. And I lost the post I was going to... um, post. that make sense ?
Is someone telling me to shut up ?
*S*O*. What's up ?
Yeah. One hour dance class this morning. Ha-ha.
Actually, it wasn't that bad. It was more learning to move on stage than actual dancing. Me totally agrees with that. And that's another violent sport. I got a few more bruises on my legs. I look like I've been beaten.
Wanna know what the funny part is ? We'll have more dance classes. One each week. So not nice.
After that, we started putting some songs together - they haven't given us the roles yet, because the man in charge of theater wasn't there today. You know, I must've asked a ton of people his damn name, but I just can't remember it. I know it starts with J. I think I'll call him Mr. J. It was very cool, there's 25 of us, it sounds great. Édith made us all sing solo once or twice so we could get used to each other's voices and the guys are amazing. They really are.
And before we left the musicians joined us and we practiced two songs with them. It sounded very good.
That's gonna be great.
Ah ben t.a.b.a.r.n.a.k.
I am against willpower attributed to machines, how about you ? Computers shouldn't have the ability to freakin' reboot all by themselves. I mean close my IE window if you want to, crash the whole damn system or something, but don't reboot !!! That's supposed to be my job ! But of course, when I want to, you don't reboot, and when I'm working, you reboot.
We learned how to do a thesis statement in English last semester.
I intend to demonstrate that computers are evil.

Anyways, so I'll have to re-type all that I was typing a few minutes ago. Before the stupid computer rebooted for its personnal enjoyment.
Hmm... Do I really want to ?
please publish ?