Monday, January 10, 2011

Raiontzukai and I have been looking for a palm tree for our house for a little while now. After extensive research, we had concluded that a palm tree would be the most appropriate cat-friendly, air-purifying plant of sufficient height to hide a lost corner of our living room.

It is only yesterday that we found a palm tree to our liking. (We'd actually seen the very same kind of palm tree this summer when we were looking for one, but what I've come to learn about Raiontzukai is that he starts out by disagreeing with me on pretty much every style/decoration matter, and then after a while (varying in length), he has an epiphany and presents to me my own ideas as suggestions that only just occured to him. That would explain why the palm tree wasn't to our liking this summer but is now in our living room.) Thing is, the tree is over 5 foot tall, and I can now assure you that a palm tree of that height is the most hilarious thing to take home. First of all we had to put it in a upright position behind the passenger's seat of my car, bending the poor thing's leaves to fit them into the car, which meant I had to put my seat forward and basically sit inches from the windshield on the way home. I laughed uncontrollably everytime I turned to see Raiontzukai, who was driving with palm leaves hanging over his head.

The funniest part though was when Raiontzukai carried the palm tree inside the house. While I held the door open for them, all I could see was a person with a palm tree as a head walking into my house...