Saturday, January 05, 2002

Oh, almost forgot. Good news though, is that I did take time tonight to send a ton of e-mails to people who probably thought I was dead or something. And I even got replies.
First lesson to me OD addict : there is actually more on the internet than just OD.
Hard to believe, huh ? ;)
Yep. OD's still down. *sobs* And now I do have something to write in it. Grr. Betcha I won't remember tomorrow.
Spent the last, um... well, I actually have no idea how long it took me, but I spent that amount of time reading one of the two stories I had started a little while ago. That I haven't finished yet because it's amazingly hard to write - 'cuz Quartz is not perfectionnist enough *rolls eyes* - and also because I lack time... But I pretty much like what I did so far. Which is kind of a rare thing.
I think I'll re-read the other story tomorrow - or next time OD is offline. =)
It just looks like I'm almost good at something !
Okay. Quartz needs to leave the computer room now. 'Cuz she has to get up early tomorrow for work. And she knows how much sleep she has not been getting lately.

Damn, I really wanted to write this entry tonight ! Now I'll have to write it on paper, and that'll drive me crazy 'cuz it's faster to type. I want my OD back !!!
*hyperventilates into paper bag*
I need my OD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*puts paper bag down*
*stands up*
*walks up to a nearby mike*
*clears throat*
Hi, my name is Quartz and I am an OD addict.
You know what ?
I got a lot of long lost mp3's on that computer.
Lotsa good songs.
J'avais oublié comment ça peut être bon - et triste - Starmania.
I'm cold. Very, very cold. I hate winter.

And River gets more beautiful everytime I listen to it.
Random notes :

OD is offline. I am totally traumatized : how do they expect me to make it through one day without it ? I'll stay up until midnight if I have to ! ;)
Kidding, of course. Although I do miss it terribly. Not that I have something to write in it. It's just that I'm always logging on there to see if my favorites have updated their diary or if I have new notes... Addicted ? Who, me ? No way ! I'm in control ! I can quit anytime I want to !
All right, never mind. Don't ask me to make sense after a hard working morning.
At least I have this blog ! Although I don't exactly know what I'm making out of it... but it's a place to type ! Yay !
*Toujours dans l'attente de Mylène... ça paraît pas mais c'est sur toi que je comptais, pour être mon public !*

My boss' cat is 23 years old. No, I'm absolutely not kidding. Quoique j'avoue que je l'ai trouvée assez drôle que ça tombe direct sur mon chiffre fétiche Can you believe it ? A 23 year old cat ?

*sobs* I want my OD !!! There's nothing to do on the internet without it !

*sigh* Well... might as well finally take the time to reply to the tons of e-mails I've accumulated in my mailbox.
And then visit Msn Zone to waste my time...

I want OD back ! I want OD back !

Friday, January 04, 2002

Bon, ça y est ! J'ai un traumatisme ! J'ai eu le malheur de rencontrer la prof de physique une fois au Dynamite au centre d'achats, et maintenant, j'associe le Dynamite à ma prof ! Et dois-je vous rappeler que j'ai poché ma foutue physique, alors l'association d'idée est pas très amusante !!!
Working tomorrow, and the day after that, and on Monday the rehearsals for the musical begin. I am so extremely nervous. Realized this morning that I can't even remember half of the few names I had memorized. I'll spend the entire month just trying to learn them again. Ugh.
Other than that, I am tired. I don't know who invented intern alarm clocks, but they shouldn't have set mine at 8 in the morning.
I can't believe how fast time is passing by ! My second week of holiday is almost over ! In 17 days (or 18, not sure when school starts again anymore) it'll be over, and I'm gonna have to take maths, and physics, and philosophy... ew ! The good news is I never will have to do any more chemistry, ever again, in my whole life ! That's a huge relief. Can't wait to say that I'll never have to do any sciences anymore - I think that day I'm throwing a party.
Vous avez lu ça, les filles ? Dès que j'ai mon DEC vous êtes toutes invitées au party du siècle !

Wednesday, January 02, 2002

Put that on your calendar, people : January 2nd is Official Piss Quartz off Day.
Damn some people get on my nerves. Will I have to make an announcement or something for everyone to understand that I make mistakes, that I won't apologize for doing so and not being perfect, that they too need to put an effort into things for them to work out and that if they don't, they shouldn't get to bitch everybody around because of it when they didn't do a freakin' thing !
Yeah. Quartz is mad. Really, really mad.
Plus, tomorrow morning she has to get up at 6:30 to drive Dad somewhere because he's having his car repaired while she gets to drive a car with a broken roof and a problematic heat system.
So, today is not a good day either.
I'm telling you, 2002 is gonna suck.

Tuesday, January 01, 2002

*slam head against wall*
Not a good day. Not a good day.

Monday, December 31, 2001

Flunked physics. Got 55%. Which is a lot more than what I expected. I don't really care that I flunked, what bothers me is having to retake the damn class. And knowing that I'll have to work this time if I don't wanna flunk it twice. Ugh. Sciences are evil.
But, on the bright side... I was supposed to fail all my sciences and I didn't. Which is pretty amazing. And you can't win everytime.
So I am not that disappointed.
But I swear I will kill my mother one day - but that's something I'll talk about somewhere else.

Sunday, December 30, 2001

Josh Groban is awesome. Been singing "Alejate" all day long.
Physics results will be turned in tomorrow - that's the deadline for teachers. Me's nervous. Me knows she's failing but me doesn't wanna have it officialized.
but at least me's passing maths

Me's been spending way too much time playing computer games. Me's having nightmare almost each night because of them evil things - therefore me's quite tired.
Me's out now. To play some more Myst, hehe. :)