Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mark my words: entre l'ASSÉ qui est pour un boycott, la FEUQ qui pense que les universités ont pour but ultime de hausser les droits de scolarité et le gouvernement Marois qui ne s'est pas encore trouvé de colonne vertébral, je vous prédis que le Sommet sur l'éducation va être une vraie farce...
Latest addition to my kitchen go-to gadgets: bread machine.

It ranks third after my food processor and my slow-cooker, but it's still pretty damn awesome.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Because this has been obsessing me for months on end and I have to let it out....

Somebody who works in my Branch has the last name "Plant". Let's call her Jane. I have never seen that person, but apparently she's part of the Social Committee here. This means that when activities are organized, her name is often listed as a contact.

Last summer, the Social Committee organized some activity; an e-mail about it was sent to everyone from one of our drafters, who mentioned that he was going to be away for a few days, but that we could pay the fee for the activity to Jane Plant. However, the sentence he used to say that was an abomination and an offence to the Great English Rules of Syntax. I thought it was quite funny, seeing as the guy is a drafter, so I forwarded the sentence to Raiontzukai just before I went home.

When Raiontzukai went home that night, he said he had not quite understood why I'd forwarded the sentence to him - and he asked "what is it about Jane the Plant?"

It was funny that night. But ever since, I JUST HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE to seen Jane Plant's name without thinking to myself "Jane the Plant".

And I warn you people, one day, I am going to meet that Plant person and inadvertently call her that to her face. There's clearly no way around it.