Thursday, November 13, 2003

 Peanut, tu ne veux probablement pas lire ce qui suit - je suis désolée, mais il faut que je me défoule en quelque part !

Why my boyfriend's mother is a fucking bitch
(Or actually, her latest stunt)

I gotta start this a pretty long way back though.

My roommate has been having problems with her landlord, who's trying to make her pay for the toilet bowl that had to be fixed, saying my roomate is responsible. (Which she is not, as she's not the kind of person to use an axe on a toilet bowl)

So the landlord is mad, and she discovered that I was using a parking space in the building. Which my roommate isn't paying for. Except that she still hasn't talked to my roommate about it - only to me when she happened upon me in the doorway. She also told me other people in the place had complained we make too much noise. Which, again, is impossible, as we're barely ever home, and even when we are, we're just not yell-at-the-top-of-our-lungs-and-party-all-night-long girls. In the three months I've been here, there's never been more than four people in here.

My roommate started saying that she wanted to leave and everything - so I told myself if she left, I'd just move in with Peanut. Except that he lives in a nutshell, so first we would need to find a bigger place. We went through the classifieds last Wednesday, and it was supposed to be for entertainment purposes only, but we ended up visiting two appartments, and he made an application for one.

Which he got. Except that he's 19. And the landlord asked for an endorser. He asked his mother.
And fucking guess what ?


She's not signing the damn sheet of paper ! She doesn't think it's "normal" that a landlord would ask something like that because he's supposed to "trust" her son. Just like that. And god forbid she should pay anything for him.

When he first got his actual appartment, his father paid the first month rent, and after a month or two they informed him that it was a loan. Of course. Or actually, the loan was 385$, but they've been telling him they wanted 400$.

So anyway. They're not signing the damn paper now, and we haven't been able to reach the landlord to ask him what happened now.

Worst case scenario I might endorse him - but am I really a better reference than he is ?

Anyways. Thank you.

May I ask : is it me ? Is it something I don't understand ?

Please : does anybody agree with that crazy old freak ?

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Tweety :
Je sais plus si ça voudrait dire chez moi apart' ou chez moi parents puisque on a vendu mon mazda hier mais mon père doit le réparer. Comme je descendrais chez moi pour faire changer mon huile, si le mazda est en réparation, mon père aura peut-être pas le temps.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Euh !!!!!!!!

J'ai même pas eu le temps d'annoncer que ma coloc avait des problèmes avec sa proprios, qu'elle voulait sacrer son camp, donc que moi j'ai commencé à penser à emménager avec mon chum éventuellement, donc que mon chum devrait déménager un jour parce qu'on ne vivra pas à deux dans un un et demi, qu'on est allé visiter un appart', qu'il a fait application avant de vous dire maintenant qu'il déménage dans un trois et demi dimanche !

Wow !

Ya des choses qui se passent vite ici !!!
A few notes :

A. The next person who says that women are the worst drivers is going to get killed. Remember when somebody backed into me a few months ago, in the mall parking lot ? Well, it was a guy, a well over 30 years old guy - who of course wasn't looking when backing down.
Last night I went to the grocery store with my boyfriend and he almost got hit by a backing down car. If I hadn't yelled a "hey !", the driver would've hit him for sure, I mean the car was inches away from him. Guess what ? It was a guy driving.
B. The RENT auditions were a troubling audition as I was the candidate before last. And I was only number 268. Anyway. Seems not a lot of people showed up. There's not much to say about it. I went, I sang, I left. As they asked two girls who were there to prepare another song, this means I won't be among the lucky ones. Oh well, just too bad. :)

Now I'm off to finish writing an essay I have to hand in next Monday. Thank you.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Une petite note pour dire à Tweety que si je peux pas la voir cette fin de semaine, c'est pas parce que je veux pas, mais parce que je suis présentement enfouie sous mes dissertations et que j'ai pas eu une seule minute à moi ! J'ai mon après-midi aujourd'hui (seulement parce que ma partner a eu un contretemps) (est-ce que c'est le bon mot ?) mais madame travaille !

Quant à vendredi prochain, si tu veux, tu pourrais venir coucher chez moi, sauf que je travaille le samedi à une heure jusqu'à cinq heures...

Finalement, félicitations pour ta nouvelle job, et hourrah à tous !