Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Raiontzukai and I have recently taken up yoga; for Raiontzukai, it was a matter of increasing his flexibility, and for me, it was an attempt to avoid strength work (which seems to have failed as my knee started aching nearly a month ago and I can't seem to make it stop).

Anyway, the plan was to go to yoga class right after work, which meant carrying a yoga mat, an extra change of clothes and other tidbits from home to work in the morning. Thing is, I personally don't own a gym bag. It was never a problem, but now, taking yoga into account as well as the fact that I started running at lunchtime (right up until my knee gave up and the temperatures hit freezing point), I figured it was time.

Except that finding a proper work/gym bag isn't that easy. So the one I bought I spent over a month eyeing because it was so freaking expensive. I mean, it's actually more expensive than everything I own, save for major items such as car, house, and the like. I gave up and bought it last week.

I have one week to return it if I choose to do so.

I love it, but I must admit I still haven't taken the tag off...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, this blogger has succeeded in ordering online not one, but two bikini tops that actually fit! Please be impressed accordingly.

(Of course I actually ordered the same bikini top in two different sizes to make sure, in the hope that both would fit - and they do! Oh, and because of a mix-up between the swimming suit company and the worst shipping company ever UPS, I have to get a refund for the brokerage fees I incorrectly had to pay. But still.)