Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I was spying on you earlier and almost picked up that phone. Not because I miss you - because the awkwardness is killing me and it's about time we acknowledged it.

I even started thinking about my opening line and I realized it couldn't be done. Maybe it's me being unable to move past certain things, but it's all still there. Time can't seem to make things have un-happened.

It's not about what actually happened as much as it is about the decisions that were made and showed me how much you cared about me - that is, not so much at all. I needed you to sit silently by my side, but you ran out when you saw I wasn't talking. So you picked a side and chose to spy, and you never fucking asked. And all that tells me is that if it were to happen again, this is how you would deal with it.

I know you were somehow trying. But it didn't work. And now we're broken. So when I look back, everything else also comes into the picture: those times when you choked me and I waited in vain for some reciprocity; when you rejected my requests and decided to support me in the one way I didn't want to be supported; the nerve you lacked for months on end to clear the air while seemingly expecting me to do it for you; the way you explained your importance and openly dismissed any kind of achievement on my part.

And this is why it can't be done. I know you haven't changed. And it's okay. But clearly if we were to patch things up and try to go from here and now, it wouldn't work, because all we have in common is that past that we need to ignore.

I don't miss you - I miss the life I had that you were a part of. I probably always will, but as time has passed it's become a nostalgia about an era that is no more. You know. Like the 80s. You can't make it  nice again today just by sporting fluo leggings and a mullet.