Saturday, January 12, 2002

What's with the damn archives I have to keep re-publishing all the time ?!?!
I just realized that I am not working tomorrow !
I mean, I knew it and all, but I just got it. I am not working tomorrow ! It's great !
Instead I'm gonna spend all day singing ! and dancing, but let's disregard this for now, thank you ;)
It's sad though, 'cuz I liked working on Sundays best. I do the dishes on Saturdays, and well, it ain't the nicest thing on earth.
Bravenet counters are great. Go get one. I'm on the verge of linking to them. All right, I know I already am, but it's an expression ! I probably sound over-enthusiastic - it's only a counter, after all - but after months of using Fascounter, switching to Bravenet is an astounding change ! I'm spending half of my free time checking my stats... :o)
Oh, great, guess what's playing ? "My strongest suit", of course... And of course I had it stuck in my head all day long... like my own private radio or something... *rolls eyes*
You know, I don't know why, but I can't seem to write anything near good lately. Neither can I on paper. Not that I have nothing to say, but some things are better and easier to actually say out loud than write. And wait for people to read.

I think I need to change my whole template.
What ?
Am I really supposed to have to re-archive everything each week ?
*rolls eyes* Wow, that's great.
Yay. Me's added a counter to my blog.
You know, it took me forever to get the Bravenet counters to work with OD Screw HTML, so now that they are, I'm putting them everywhere !
A girl at the restaurant got her tongue pierced.
Et supposément que Marie m'a appelée pendant que je travaillais. Et qu'elle devait rappeler. Mais là je suis sur internet alors ça va aller mal. Tant pis. :)

Friday, January 11, 2002

FTP is rather slow today, 'nit ?
It's done ! It's done !
Went pretty well. Had to wait like 40 minutes before getting in, so I was nervous like I had never been in my life and the higher notes weren't as assured as I wanted them to be, but at least it's over !
And when I got in, Édith (the one in charge of the singers) asked me if it was possible that I was blonde at the time I passed the first audition. Like, she spent the last week wondering who the hell I was, because she didn't remember me singing, and she was looking for the blonde girl !
So yeah. To all those who remember the identity crisis I went through when I changed my hair color, well, obviously it's not over. :)
It's working !!!
Leaving for audition in 10 minutes. I can't wait for this to be over, I'm getting a little sick of the 3 damn songs...
Me's nervous.
Wish me luck ?
Oui, je continue à écrire même si j'arrive pas à publisher... je vais juste toute re-publisher d'une shotte, et ça va être drôle.
Soyez fiers de moi ! La partie actage de mes tounes est prête - c'est rien de big, mais ça va faire, anyway c'est pas comme si je voulais un rôle. J'ai pratiqué tout quelques fois, là il est 11 hres et je perds mon temps parce que j'ai rien à faire et que je ne re-pratique plus rien avant d'avoir dîné !
Tiens, je viens de remarquer que j'écris en français aujourd'hui :)
Ah, bâtard !

J'arrive pas à publisher ! Oui, publisher comme dans publier mais avec un sh. Écoutez yé écrit publish sur le piton, alors le verbe, selon les règles françaises, ça fait publisher !!!
Audition dans un peu moins de 6 hres.
Je commence déjà à être stressée.
Passer une audition pour mon fun personnel ? Voulez-vous bien me dire ce que j'avais fumé quand j'ai pensé à ça ? Au secours !!!
Bon, bon, bon, je connais quand même pas mal les paroles par coeur - de temps en temps j'ai un blanc, mais c'est pas la fin du monde. Et j'ai assez gossé sur les notes hautes de «My strongest suit», comme je disais hier, que maintenant je peux monter beaucoup plus haut qu'avant. Encore quelques années et je vais devenir une chanteuse d'opéra. *yeux au ciel*
Le plus stressant c'est qu'en fait, j'ai pas vraiment décidé ce que la partie «actage» allait comprendre et il me reste un peu moins de 5 heures (vu que je pars d'ici une heure à l'avance) pour le décider.
«Alors qu'est-ce que tu fais sur internet, imbécile ?»
Oui mais si je prépare la partie actage, ben ça veut dire que l'audition approche et je vais être encore plus stressée, bon !!!


Eille ! Est-ce que j'ai déjà été sensée avoir du sens ?

Bon, bon, bon... j'y vais, maintenant. :)

Thursday, January 10, 2002

All right, so I won't exercize. I'll do it tomorrow. After my audition. For now I'm way too busy with my songs.
And I swear I can sing two or three notes higher than I could this morning after practicing "My strongest suit" so much.
Mission successful !
Yep, I *so* totally went shopping and found something suitable. How amazing.
It's weird though, pretty different from what I usually wear, but at least I got clothes for Sunday. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the dance is on Sunday now.
However, I haven't exercized yet. I will. I should, anyway.
And then I will complete the little acting part for my audition tomorrow.
And I'm really not good at writing today.
I'm cold.
Hey, wait ! I actually have time to come here and post something ? Weeeeeeird. ;)
Musical rehearsals started on Monday, from 9 to 4 on Monday and Tuesday, and yesterday it was from 9 to noon.
'tis interesting. As long as I don't have to improvize stuff :) Other than that, it's very cool, people are very nice. I like it.
I volunteered to audition again for a role tomorrow. At 3 o'clock. I don't know why, 'cuz I'm positive that I won't get one, but I told myself that having gone that far, I had nothing to lose. I just wanna see what I can do. I got 3 songs to prepare, and the hardest part is of course the acting. But.
Oh ! I was forgetting : do you know what the f... they're gonna make the singers do on Monday ? (or maybe on Sunday, I can't remember) They're gonna have us take a one-hour dancing class !!!! Me ? Dance ? Quartz does not dance ! Ever, ever, ever ! Quartz is not exactly happy about that. Quartz is even quite mad. So Quartz will now think of something else.
Un petit salut à François qui apparemment lit mon blog sans que je le sache, j'espère que tu n'as pas eu de misère à retourner chez toi hier soir et que tu n'as pas repogné le champ ? :P
Went to bed at one this morning, so I'm kinda tired today, and I have to go shopping - to try and get some freakin' clothes to dance - (and I haaaaate shopping !) and when I come back I need to work out a little 'cuz I haven't done that in almost a week now, and then I need to work on the songs for my audition.
I feel busy.

Monday, January 07, 2002

All right, so now it's working, just when I have like 15 minutes left to tell you all about musical rehearsal...
But, hey, I couldn't possibly think of missing Ally McBeal ! And neither could you !
So for now I'll just tell you that acting is a violent sport. That I have a minimum of 4 bruises on my legs right now, and that my left knee hurts like hell whenever I move it.
And that I'm still not sure what the f... I am doing in this thing.
Leaving you hanging till I have time to actually write everything I wanna talk about. Which just might not be before Thursday. But hey. I know you'll all still love me then.
I mean, you will, right ?
publish ?

Sunday, January 06, 2002

Une bonne main d'applaudissement tout le monde pour Mylène qui a bel et bien fini par se rendre ici ! Et oui, ceci est une manière même pas subtile de voir si elle va revenir ou pas... Parce que franchement, je suis pas mal déçue par mes amis ! Ils ont pas l'air d'avoir compris que je comptais avoir des lecteurs réguliers, moi... sniff, sniff Je pourrais simplement vous tuer pour me venger, mais pour l'instant, je suis beaucoup trop fatiguée...
It's crazy, this morning, at the restaurant, I did the job of two people all by myself. Don't ask me why, but they thought it was a good idea to only have one girl at the toasts, instead of the usual two. So it was only me - and the toasts, and the crescents, and the club-sandwhiches, and the bagels, and... Luckily there weren't much sandwhiches to do, mostly just toasts, and the waitresses helped me, but it was *so* the end of the world, and I *so* never wanna do that again !
I have this huge headache now. And I'm not sure my feet'll ever stop aching.
At least I'm not working next Sunday - because of musical rehearsal.
D'ailleurs savez-vous que j'ai déjà tout scrapé mon filet ? Ya 2 trous tellement gros dedans que je pourrais pratiquement me passer la tête dedans... Je *sais* que je devrais en demander un autre, mais bon, il me reste seulement une semaine à faire des toasts, ensuite j'ai des pratiques de comédie musicale à tous les dimanches et j'en n'aurai plus besoin... alors pourquoi me casser la tête ?
And at least OD is back. But I can't leave notes. So the hell with it, I'll write my entry later. I'm not really in the mood for it anyway.
And for once I'm writing here. I think I'll change my template soon. It's not exactly what I want - never mind the fact that I don't know what I want.
Also gotta figure out how the foodlidoo this archive thing works.
No ! It's still down !
*sad face*
Lucky I have to go to work. Hopefully it'll be back when I return.
Weird how much I write in here when I don't have anywhere else, huh ?
No, I still don't have anything to say... but does that usually stop me ? (see yesterday's stuff)
Although sometimes even I run out of useless things to talk about.
Going back to OD to refresh the page a couple of times.... :)