Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Discussion entre moi et une collègue anglophone (qui parle néanmoins mieux français qu'à peu près tout le monde sur la planète) :

Quartz : Moi, je viens de Montréal, je dis "toaster" - première syllabe en français, deuxième en anglais. Mais à Québec par exemple, ils dissent "toasteur", les deux syllables en français.
Collègue : Et ya personne qui dit grille-pain?
Quartz : Euh, non.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

That moment when, over a month after you've returned to work (and have not yet been paid due to unbelievable government-wide pay issues), the pay system finally recognizes you as an employee and allows you to log in (which is the first step towards a possible resolution) and, because you are mentally 12 years old at most and need to run into somebody's office to express your enthusiasm - and you realize you start working way too early and there's just NOBODY at work so you can't crash into their office and be happy loudly.