Friday, December 02, 2016

I hereby would like to thank everyone who allows me to implement my no-bullshit approach in my relationship with them, whereby virtually anything can be said and/or clearly acknowledged without affecting said relationship.

In every important relationship in my life I need to be able to be (sometimes brutally) honest, to disagree and, if I get confused, to ask straight up for an explanation without causing a revolution.

Up until very recently, I didn't realize that this is not necessarily how everyone views relationships. And witnessing relationships that work in a way completely opposite to that makes me crazy.

So really, thank you, bullshit-free people in my life.
When your three-year-old writes to Santa asking for "shoes, pants and boxers", well, either you're doing a great job at raising a minimalist or your kid REALLY has everything.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Anybody seen the Sherwin Williams paint "Covering the earth" logo? (I refuse to associate with it and put it up here even if it's to state how absurd and offending it is, so you're gonna have to google it if you haven't.)

I just spotted a parked Sherwin Williams pickup truck from our washroom window. With the logo on it. I gather it's been around forever, so I guess I'm just lucky I never knew it existed.

But GOD, I was happier when I didn't know it existed.