Thursday, April 19, 2012

At the beginning of April, I surprisingly caught a bad throat infection from which I was totally knock-out for about 4 days, or until the antibiotics started to kill the fever.
Then for a week I was still a little congested, but things seemed to be looking up - except that, of course, Life being what it is, I had to catch a cold on top of that. You know. Just so I could be sick for the whole freaking month of April and have to train for the half-marathon I'm running on May 6 through a cold.

Just now I ran out of tissue, so I went to the pharmacy to buy two humongous boxes, and while I was at it, because now seemed a pretty appropriate moment for comfort food, I actually bought THREE freaking chocolate bars. Yes, me, the girl who only buys chocolate bars from children who sell them for some school-related activity going from door to door, that's what I did. And I chose those with peanut butter, coconut, pretzels and cashews.

(Don't worry, as two of my colleagues did when they saw me coming back from the pharmacy, I'm not going to eat all of them today. I'm probably not even going to eat one of them today. So far I've had one square of each, and I must say I'm not nearly as congested as I was before. So there!)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Si vous êtes comme moi, depuis que les pubs de la nouvelle émission de Radio-Can, "Dans l'oeil du dragon", ont commencé à passer à la télé, vous vous demandez sans cesse : "Mais voyons, où est-ce que j'ai déjà vu François Lambert?

Ça fait des semaines que je me torture sans trouver de réponse.

C'est Raiontzukai qui vient finalement de trouver : c'est dans "Un souper presque parfait" qu'on a vu François Lambert. Je me souviens qu'il avait une méga-cuisine, des goûts chers et qu'il parlait beaucoup de tous les voyages qu'il avait fait. Maintenant, je comprends.....