Saturday, May 17, 2003

I got a new watch. Phew.

Je me suis trouvée quelques annonces de chambres sur internet, et comme je vais sûrement aller au cégep mardi, j'irai les visiter à ce moment-là (si ça adonne aux gens, évidemment, mais j'aimerais bien). Je vais aussi essayer de prendre mon entrevue à Concordia mercredi, puisque cette journée-là, il y a aussi le test d'anglais que je dois passer qui se donne, alors tant qu'à y aller 15 fois...

I'm starting to catch up with things. But only starting.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

J'ai voulu me faire du riz à midi. On avait une grosse big giga boîte de Minute Rice à moitié pleine quand je suis partie, et puis là, il n'en reste plus. Je suis très curieuse quant à ce qui a bien pu lui arriver parce que ça faisait des éternités que quelqu'un d'autre que moi avait fait du riz en avril passé. Enfin bref. J'ai dû me contenter d'un plat surgelé de poulet et de spaghetinni. De la viande ! Je tripe pas sur la viande en général, mais éventuellement, on se tanne du Kraft Dinner ! Bon, je devrais quand même pas chialer, parce qu'à Calgary, on est allées chez mon oncle et on a mangé comme des reines les deux soirs - je me rappelle surtout du steak avec crevettes et pain à l'ail gratiné !!!!

Ah, j'ai tellement de choses à raconter que c'en est frustrant !

Tweety a perdu un soulier !
Ma montre, ma batterie de cell, ma bague et deux de mes crayons sont morts !
Tweety a foutu la carte électronique qui nous servait de clef de chambre à Edmonton dans une boîte postale !
Les Albertains conduisent vite !
J'ai développé un préjugé contre la majorité des Australiens !
So all I have left to do now is transfer my digital pics on my computer and re-size all of them (arrgh), transfer what we filmed with the camcorder on a regular tape and put some order in all the pamphlets and postcards I brought back with me. Not that bad.

I do, however, still have calculate exactly how much money I spent overall, and in each category, like gas, attractions, souvenirs, lodging and THEN calculate how much money both Tweety and I spent on our shared expenses (food, gas, hotels) so we can find out who owes what to whom. Although we need to have the car's oil changed and until it's done, I can't do any calculus so I have a break right there.

(Mais, Tweety, selon ma carte de crédit, l'hôtel à Sudbury est revenu à 75,10$ et puis c'est 6,99$ au lieu de 7,01$ que j'ai finalement dû payer pour la réservation en ligne. Ce qui entraîne une économie de une cenne pour toi. Tu vois bien que tu vas avoir assez d'argent pour partir en France ! ;) Ne suis-je pas hilarante ?)

Other than that, I have a Entrance Bursaries thingy sheet to fill out for Uni, an appointment to make with French Department Lady (an interview so I might be accepted in the co-op program, pray for me !) and an English Test to take, all that Government loans and bursaries thingy to take care of, a room to find so I can live somewhere next semester and.... Gosh ! I thought most of things were cleared out now !
Okay, I lied - one more last note : my open diary was deleted ! I'm shocked !

Okay, I'm out now !
And one last note before I leave to do some luggage clean-up : I went on the internet what, 4 or 5 times while we were gone (too lazy to count !!!), for 10 or 20 minutes each time, and now I'm confused as to how this damn French keyboard that I've used all my life works !

So I need to re-learn that keyboard and I also need to re-learn French. I mean when everything you saw in the last month was in English, it's kinda hard to put it all into French for people. And I was going to put 20$ worth of gas before getting home yesterday afternoon so my mother wouldn't have an empty tank when she'd take it, but I ended up giving her the cash to fill the car instead because I knew I was going to speak English at the gas station and I prefered not making a fool out of myself. I'm gonna wait at least 48 hours for that. :)

Oh, #1 thing I learned from that trip : the word car is feminine in English. Now try to explain that to my father. He was all : "Well, we say *A* car."
So. I'm home !!!!

It's hard to describe a 27-day journey in a few paragraphs, but I guess I'll have to try - just later. I'll also update (or actually, make over) the website I built about the trip as soon as I get our pics developed. I took approximately 6 times 24 pictures. Teehee. And Tweety had 3, if I remember well. :) Anyways, so I'll probably put out most of what we wrote everyday in our journals and also a lot of pics. Of course it's gonna be all French, but you all should be able to appreciate the pics, and the most important (or funniest) parts of the trip I'll of course tell here in a few days.

I'm glad to be home, although everyhting feels awfully strange. First I'm back to driving the Mazda after a whole month of driving the Sentra. Let me tell ya that Mazda is sooooooooo TINY !!!! Then driving here is weird too, I feel like I haven't been here in ages and I could almost find my way around more easily in Winnipeg or Vancouver now. Almost. And then I slept in my own bed last night and everytime I woke up I thought I was still somewhere out west, and I had to remind myself I was home. HOME. How weird.

I had a ton of mail waiting for me when I got home, including my new health insurance card, which I asked for the day right before I left, and it's funny because that whole month made me lose a little over 5 pounds, and my face is a bit rounder on that pic !
Yep, I lost 5 pounds, and I'm still waiting to see how much Tweety lost. The most disturbing part of it is that we absolutely didn't starve, we had cookies everyday (heavenly cookies, mm... GOD they were good) and pasta as well, and we even ate two big bags of chips in Alberta and Saskatchewan. So now all my pants are either definitely or slightly too large for me. That would be the frustrating part.

So, I was talking about the mail - I had a ton of junk from the three Universities I applied to. Luckily I already know which one I'm choosing, so that leave only the third of it to read. I had received my credit card bill, which amounted to 200$ and is kinda a kick in the head for the first day back at home - but I also had two checks from the government. Got to love GST returns.

My stuff is mostly already pretty much back in place (Tweety, your chewing gum is over here, you forgot it in the car) but I still have a lot of things to do... I might go to the mall already this afternoon to get a new watch, for mine died in the hot springs in Banff, and without it I'm going crazy. I really am. I mean, even more than what you'd expect. ;)

So yeah, I'm really glad to be home again, and as soon as I've caught up to what my world became while I was gone, I shall resume being the same old, ever-crazier, blogging-all-the-time Quartz you (should) remember. :)

Missed ya !

Monday, May 12, 2003

So we're almost home now - it'll even be a day sooner, on Wednesday night we should be there. Very tired, but there. We're back in Thunder Bay now, back to Eastern Standard Time at long last, and I'm really starting to wanna be home now...

This trip won't have cost us as much as we were expecting, we're even thinking now that it all might add up to less than 1500$ each. For 27 days. Definitely not that bad !