Monday, April 25, 2016

These days Bout d'Chou has got a very bad cold, meaning he's feverish, tired and clingy. As this, however, doesn't make him inclined in any way to sleep, I had no intention of putting him to bed today before his nap at noon. But then a few minutes ago, as he was being fussy, I sat down with him and gave him my finger to suck on (if you have kids, you get it, if you don't, just let it go) - and obviously within seconds he was in a deep sleep. I hesitated, then decided against waking him up.

The problem was, though, that there was no way I was going to be able to transfer him to his crib because I'm vertically-challenged and I need the drop-down side of the crib down when I put Bout d'Chou to bed. In the morning, the drop-down side is always up as Raiontzukai is generally the one to dress up Bout d'Chou up when he wakes up.

Luckily, my phone was too far and I was able to reach for it and email Raiontzukai, who was working downstairs, to ask, and I quote, "Could you go up and put down the drop-down side of Bout d'Chou's crib?"

Now Raiontzukai, and you wouldn't think that would be a problem, is helpful. The thing is though that he is also, and mostly, very forgetful. And my message to all men would be - guys, if you're forgetful, please focus on the task at hand instead of risking getting lost while trying to be helpful....

So Raiontzukai goes up to Bout d'Chou's room, then comes down and gives me two thumbs up, before proceeding to the washroom.

Careful not to wake up Bout d'Chou, then, I get up from the couch and slowly go up the stairs to Bout d'Chou's room. There I immediately see all the efforts Raiontzukai put in to be helpful - that is, he turned on the baby cam, put the shades down and turned on the white noise turtle. That is all great.


What do you all think Raiontzukai forgot? Of all things?

Yup. The one thing I was precisely asking for help with, because if not from that thing, I simply can't put Bout d'Chou down.

He did not put the crib side down.

So I had to carefully go down the stairs and wait for Raiontzukai to get out of the washroom to ask him again to please put it down....