Friday, February 10, 2012

Ah, cal-vai-re que c'est enrageant devoir faire minutieusement le suivi de tout ce qui concerne sa rémunération pour l'unique raison que les gens qui sont payés pour assurer votre paie à vous sont trop caves pour le faire comme il faut!!!

Mon ancien employeur me doit des sous, et après avoir ignoré trois courriels de ma part à ce sujet, mon ancien conseiller en rémunération vient de m'appeler pour me demander de quoi je parlais! IL ÉTAIT PAS AU COURANT! Je me répète, là, mais : cal-vai-re!!!!
Yesterday was trash and compost pick-up day. (Yes, I know, fascinating.) When I got home after work, I therefore rolled the bins from the street back to their usual places, and while I was doing that, I spotted Ouzo inside the house, watching me from the bay window up on the second floor.

And what do you know, sure enough when I walked in the door, Ouzo was waiting for me in the hall...

Can you say affective disorder?

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

It's really (not) entertaining. As I've already mentioned, each year I seem to go to the doctor's for my physical absolutely convinced that I've got some deadly disease, and each year my doctor has me undergo some tests that show nothing out of the ordinary, or he has a perfectly honorable explanation for what I consider my "condition".

And well people, I am proud (or not) to announce that I've found my latest deadly disease, which I can worry about until the next time I see a doctor and google endlessly in order to carefully eliminate all non-offensive options.

I think that might be what they call hypochondria. (Wait, is that another dealdy disease?)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I have an "easy" button.

That's right, just like in the Staples commercials. It's big and red, and marked "easy", and when you press it, it says, in a slightly surprised and relieved tone, "that was easy".

I like to leave it at work, but as it's not my primary work tool, it's only today that I brought it at my new workstation from home.

And of course, it had to be that when I passed someone on my floor, whom I don't know at all, she said "hi", and I said "hi", and then somehow my hip must've banged against just the right spot in my shoulder bag, and we heard a man voice say: "That was easy".

Monday, February 06, 2012

In my life, hot water seems to be something I can never be bothered with. Or something.

In other words, back when I worked with Mel, because she arrived early at work, she was the one who boiled the water and made the coffee we shared. I only had to pour it in my cup and enjoy.

Then I got another job, and after a few weeks, I noticed that most days, this other lady boiled some water for herself before I arrived, so the days when I had to wait for my water to get hot were very rare.

I started a new job, again, last Wednesday. And YES, people, when I arrive at work, someone has boiled water not long before, so I only have to wait about 30 seconds before I can make my own coffee.

And because the song started playing in my head the minute I typed my intro, and also because it is slightly funny: In my life, there is someone who touches my life - waiting near, waiting here.