Monday, February 13, 2012

In the You-Won't-Believe-It-People category -

I've had my belly pierced for about 10 years now. Although they were 10 years spent (sort of) fearing that one day my belly ring was going to get stuck somewhere and get RIPPED OUT of my through my belly, nothing even remotely close to that EVER happened. The worse that happened was actually that Raiontzukai got me this really cute ring with a shooting star hanging from it that gets stuck on clothes once in a while, but I usually can prevent further consequences.

And THEN, over the weekend, somehow, don't even ask me how, my belly ring got STUCK in - well, you know how, when you turn a doorknob, this metal bit goes in and out the door, and then to shut the door, that metal bit is inserted into another metal bit, with a hole in it, that's screwed into the wall next to the door? And you know how thing metal bit with a hole slightly sticks out of the wall? Well, I don't know if this thing has a name, but that's what caught my belly ring yesterday. And it fucking hurt, and my belly fucking started BLEEDING, and now of course I have to be very careful not to touch it (which is a tricky one when of course you want to apply antiseptic ointment) until the thing heals.