Friday, January 30, 2009

Well, the good news is, while we're desperately waiting for any travel agent to take interest in us, the price of the tour we're interested in is steadily going down... No, really, it's gone down 300$ since the beginning of the month!
Seriously, can you believe it?

Last week, Mel, Raiontzukai and I went to a travel agency to get quotes for our trip to Greece. I didn't like the agent we spoke to all that much, mainly because I don't like somebody who's supposed to be trying to get me the lowest price to tell me how lucky I am to be able to afford such an expensive trip at my age. But we nevertheless gave her our contact info and she promised she'd get back to us. Which she didn't. I even e-mailed her to ask her what the hell, but no response.

I also e-mailed the agent who booked the trip to Tunisia I took with Maridi, and she didn't reply either.

So we're going to another agency this weekend. Who ever heard of having to run after people to give them thousands of dollars?

At long last, after 51 days, the OC Transpo strike is over in Ottawa.

Of course service won't resume before at least a week, but at least
there's hope.
This, people, means that Raiontzukai and I won't have to walk in unbearably cold weather to get from the parking to work every Tuesday morning. It means that Mel and I will have to option to catch a bus to get to class after work every Tuesday afternoon. And it means that I can sleep 10 minutes more every morning and stop taking an earlier bus, as the increased traffic had forced me to do.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good news is, tonight's class got cancelled.
Bad news is, we still have to pay 12$ for parking for nothing.

And another bad news would be I just sprained a finger by clumsily slamming it against the back of my chair. Goddamn it.

I am SO excited.

If all goes as planned (::knock on wood::), Raiontzukai and a friend will be going to Greece at the same time Mel and I will be there and we'll be able to spend a few days together! How cool would that be?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sambuca retombe définitivement en enfance. Après avoir recommencé à dormir dans notre lit, elle recommence à dormir SUR moi.

Pour rester dans le sujet, Raiontzukai et moi, après avoir vu comment Sambuca s'amusait à courir après les ronds du lumière et la lampe de poche, avons choisi d'acheter un pointeur laser pour l'amuser. Quelqu'un, je crois que c'était R, me racontait que son chat avait vite compris que c'était elle qui faisait bouger le point rouge et avait arrêté d'essayer de l'attraper.

Sambuca fait mieux que ça. En effet, elle a mis moins de 24h à comprendre que c'était nous qui faisions bouger le point rouge. Mais ça ne l'amuse pas moins. En effet, elle court après le laser comme une déchaîné, miaulements chasseurs à l'appui. Sauf que quand on arrête, elle nous miaule après pour qu'on recommence. Et que dès qu'elle nous voit nous emparer du pointeur, elle nous regarde avec les pupilles écarquillées, prête à jouer.