Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something weird happened to me at work yesterday.

I personally am not comfortable, in life generally, carrying a conversation with someone when I am in the washroom. I find any conversation can wait until I've done what I have to do and get out. I know not everyone thinks like that, however...

So yesterday, I went to the ladies' room at work. There are only three stalls in there, and two of them were occupied - the two located located to the sides. And the two ladies were chatting from their stalls, and I freaking had to get in the middle stall. I mean it's ackward to have to walk between two people who are talking to each other when they're in a corridor, can you imagine how weird it gets when you have to sit in a washroom stall located between those two people?

So I was feeling quite uncomfortable already, and then one of the ladies asked the other one when "Jackie" was going somewhere, and the second lady did not know, but added: "Well, isn't she right here?"

It took me a few seconds to realize it, but the lady in the stall to my right was actually enquiring whether I was Jackie or not!

I was speechless...