Saturday, August 08, 2009

That's it, people. Yesterday I looked down and they were gone.
Who, you ask?
The amazing calves all that walking and hiking in Greece had gotten me.

They're gone, and I have my regular, skinny calves back.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Quartz Is Troubled - Grocery Store Edition

Last week, Raiontzukai and I head to the grocery store. My list says we're out of parmesan, so in the pasta aisle, we make a stop in front of the grated parmesan containers and pick the one that seems to be best value for money. The brand is Cracker Barrel, but I seem to have temporarily forgotten that there's no such thing as Cracker Barrel parmesan.

So we head home and put the parmesan container away until last night, when we wanted to add parmesan to our salmon risotto. THAT's when I wonder about Cracker Barrel parmesan. THAT's when I notice the container says "Grated Cheddar" and there's an "Easy Macaroni" recipe on the side.

I wasn't sure until I poured the stuff into the risotto, but YES,people, it's the ACTUAL FAKE CHEESE POWDER that you find in the KD enveloppe. They sell the stuff, for god's sake!!!

Now you know.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Note to self - les billets pour A Chorus Line seront en vente dès lundi prochain!!!