Thursday, July 05, 2018

Tell the story of the time over-the-top technology saved your life -

Raiontzukai  has a medical appointment in Ottawa this morning. He decides to bike there, and activates his bike computer, which has smart notifications enabled and automatically sends me a link to a page where I can track Raiontzukai in real-time. (Because I'm that kind of girlfriend: I confine my boyfriend to my basement on a permanent basis and when he does get out, I track him. Anyways.) So I absent-mindedly watch Raiontzukai's itinerary while working on my file. And suddenly I notice he's skipped the last bridge to Ontario. I think to myself he'll turn around and go back to my file. Until I check his itinerary again and realize he hasn't turned around. I move the map around, trying to figure out what he's doing. Maybe there's another bridge I haven't heard of in the last 12 years. Maybe he's just going for a long ride, for the fun of it.

I hesitate for a while and then decide to risk being annoying. Just in case Raiontzukai isn't aware he's way past the bridge now. So I text him.

The text is relayed by his smartphone to his bike computer.

And sure enough, a couple of seconds later, Raiontzukai turns around and heads back toward the bridge...

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